Gilbert, Arizona Maternity Photographer | Jen

Meet Jen :) 

Seriously the most smiley and laughy (thats a word, right?) person I know. 



I've met few people in my life that have had to overcome circumstances as difficult as this girl.  I am overwhelmed with her testimony to how God love us, even in the dark and sad times.  

After suffering tremendous loss, Jen is pregnant!!! I was SOOO excited to celebrate this blessing with her.  I laughed so much during our was great.  She has such a vibrancy about her, and don't get me started on her laugh.  Ask anyone that knows her, they will tell you - Jen just laughs. A lot!


Thank you Jen for a great evening!  

I can almost hear your infectious laughter as I see this picture.  I just adore you and admire your strength and dependence on the Lord.