Gilbert family newborn photographer | Oliver & Roman


Let me start off by saying, twins are no joke!  Seriously.  Yes, double everything for sure...especially cuteness and chubbyness and! 

These two are particularly special, mostly because I just adore their parents.  I am so thankful that I "get to" do this work.  I know I frequently say how much I love to "be there"; because I truly do.  I am so thankful that many of my clients become my friends.  I get to know their families, pray for them, encourage them.  And in this case, offer to show up and hang out just because I want to.  


So! I am so happy to introduce you to Oliver (dark hair) and Roman (not much hair).  They are Zak and Anissa's twins!  If you've been around, you would recognize them from the cotton field maternity session we did a couple months ago as well as their wedding and engagement!


Between Oliver's huge smile and Roman's judging eyes...I cannot stop laughing!!!

Thank you Zach and Anissa for a wonderful morning!  Your boys are SOOO precious <3!