Gilbert, Arizona couples photographer | Jade and Brett

I'm so happy to introduce you to Jade and Brett.  They may be the coolest people I've met recently; they just bought a bus and are in the process of transforming it into their new home!  What!? You should follow along with me on Instagram as they set off later this month from Arizona headed towards Canada in Bruce the bus :)

 Gilbert engagment photos in a cornfield

There is a cornfield near me that I love!  Every year when the harvest is ready I always think, "I need to shoot there!".  As growth in Gilbert continues I know that like most other fields and farms, this too will be gone soon and more houses will be coming :(  I am SOOO glad they were on board, I loved every minute there!

I would like to take a minute and talk about how amazing this light is!  I don't care how beautiful or how plain a location is, when it comes to creating beautiful photographs it truly is all about the light!  Spoiler alert...we shot in a cornfield on the side of the road (eek!) 

I could honestly shoot with them all day.  I love being with couples that are crazy in love and can just be free together, it truly made my job so easy.  I'm so thankful for what I get to do!


Lets go see more cute couples!