Extended Family Photos at the Salt River

I never had "professional" photos taken with my grandparents or aunts and uncles when I was a kid; I really wish that was a thing back then.  I have such fond memories of my family growing up and only tattered/faded photos...if I can hunt them down.  In my opinion, the age of digital photography and the internet has brought restoration to family photography!  Can I get an Amen?

Desert family photos in Arizona
Desert family photos in Arizona

Squishy hugs with mae-mae!?  Yes please!  And who can resist chuckin rocks into the river?

Gosh! I LOVE this spot!  How beautiful is the blue sky in contrast to the greenery and mountains?  If everyone wanted their photos here, I would be totally okay with that!

Thank you Gaskill/Siegele family!  I love you all to pieces.  I am SOOO glad you took the time to do this <3

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