My Monday | Improving as a photographer

I actually can't believe I am going to post some of these pictures.

I am feeling very vulnerable!

However, I wanted to talk about growth, and looking back is the best way for me to see it and talk about it.

How do you look at your own growth?  How do you measure it?  For me - its reflection.  

The following pictures are from my first ever family shoot.  Its been almost 4 years exactly.  

It was a good friend of mine, Kristin and her family.


It was quite fun actually looking back at these images.  

I remember everything about this day.  It was hot, really hot!  August to be exact. 

The family shot above I absolutely loved!  It was my favorite from the day.


 And this one with the feet...It made me so happy!! 


I remember thinking I 'totally nailed' these shots of the girls.  

By 'nailed' I must have meant in focus.


Okay so not the best.  

I could easily sit here and pick each shot apart, "Too much contrast, totally out of focus or white balance is off"...etc. 

But the fact is that back then I loved all these pictures, and Kristin did as well.

So what changed?

Me.  I changed, there has been real growth! HOORAY!

My eyes are pickier, I am much more sensitive to light, I actually use my meter and histogram. Along with a slew of other things. 

I have trained myself, challenged myself and in doing so - I have grown! Ahhh it can happen!

Just for reference the following pictures are from 3 recent family sessions...


Cleaner, sharper images :)

I am not necessarily "where I want to be" and to be honest I am not sure if there is such a thing as "arriving" in this ever changing and competitive industry.  

For now I am better, I am growing and I am improving. That's enough for me.