My Monday | Professional Friendship

I have had this post swirling in my head for weeks, which may be why it's a day late.There really is so much I could say about these amazing ladies.  So, in my attempt to keep it simple and focused on one thing, here goes...

I have three friends that are also photographers. 

It's interesting to me that even though we attend the same church, have circles of friends that overlap, and are all pursuing the same field, we can still be friends. Like, real friends. 

Ones that encourage, help, and build up one another even as 'competing' photographers.  

In my experience this is very rare.

It seems to me that this industry has become somewhat infested with an unprofessional spirit.  I read more back-biting comments on varying social media sites, have witnessed a lack of professional courtesy when encountering other photographers on a location, or just plain tearing others down. 

It's awful, and it's definitely not necessary.  

I think this type of ugly behavior says more about you than those who you're seeking to hurt.  

Sure, I have met a few friendly photographers that engage in polite business conversation, or perhaps compliment my work, but a real friend in the business is not everyday.


 Mary, Emily and Kayce.

These three challenge me, inspire me, but most of all, they help and support me.  If you're in any type of small business/creative field, then you know how important this is.  

Honest feedback, help with locations, a soundboard for business advice - precious!  Pursuing this type of business is a humbling and trying journey, I could not imagine doing it alone.

I thank God I don't have to.

I recently heard a story and it reminded me about my friends and this post...

There was once a house that started to burn down.  The four people inside all emerged with a different reaction.

One said, "Someone hurry! Get some buckets! Get some water! Let's get organized!"

The second one commented, "It was probably going to burn down anyway."

The third proclaimed, "I didn't do it! I did not start this fire!"

The fourth person began asking, "Does anyone have any marshmallows?"

I love the humor of this story and they way it represents 4 distinct personalities and their reaction to the same scenario.  None of them wrong, just different.

Like us, gifted differently.  Created differently.  Pursuing the same business - differently.


Meet Emily.

She is hands down the most encouraging friend and person that I know.

She has been shooting longer than the rest of us, so we have nominated her Sensei.  She likes shooting products (ehem..easy out on that question).  Though I agree that her strength is shooting detail shots, she is very good at families and seniors.  She is so 'girl next door' comfortable you cant help but love being around her!



Meet Mary.

Mary is colorful and artistic.  She sees everything so much differently than I do...I am always blown away by her.

She shoots a lot of families and children, but tells me she mostly enjoys high school seniors.  It doesn't really matter, when she's behind the lens you're in for a real treat!



Meet Kayce.

She is very tenderhearted and transparent...I love that most about her.   

Kayce would tell you that she enjoys shooting couples most. And for good reason, she is really good at it!  Kayce has an incredible way of provoking emotion...I'm drawn in every time.


So, how does this happen?  

How do we work shoulder to shoulder and genuinely want the best for one another's business?  

One word: God.  

He has created us to be creative - like him.  He has allowed us to indulge in a passion, and in doing so, build healthy business relationships (dare I say, as it should be).  We don't have to hate or be ugly in our conduct because we know it belongs to Him!  The clients, the money, the business - it's all to His glory. 


I love all of you girls!  

Thank you Mary, Kayce and Emily for helping me (in many ways) with this post :)